AWS Managed Cloud Services

We take operational tasks off your plate and provide a team of qualified AWS experts you can call on 24/7.

Specialists In Managing AWS Cloud Environments At Any Scale

Non-stop AWS-managed

Sg12 provides non-stop AWS-managed cloud services to ensure your IT infrastructure is always available and is 100% optimized and cost-effective.

What can we do for you?


Our team can provide around-the-clock monitoring and incident response actions to obtain a 100% up-time.

24×7 Support

We are offering 24×7 proactive Support. We monitor key application metrics to make sure you benefit from consistent performance.

Incident Response

Certified experts are ready to step in, assess and solve any AWS-related situation.

Cost Management

We could help you save on AWS fees depending on your system architecture.

Reservation, Remove and Resize

We investigate your AWS accounts and understand how you use cloud resources. If that is the case, we can help you reduce costs by removing unused services and resources, resizing them, or making future-use reservations at lower prices.

Budget Tracking and Reporting

We will configure detailed spending alarms that will prevent any unexpected bills.

Security & Compliance

Our Certified Experts ensure your AWS account and its resources and do the proper security configuration.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

We collect and analyze application logs, endpoint protection, and proactive threat hunting. Our services include 24×7 response to security incidents along with remedial actions.

Compliance checks

We can regularly check your AWS Environment to ensure it complies with many standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS ISO27001.

Patching & Maintenance

OS Patching

We will perform updates, patching, and other maintenance activities following strict ITIL standards.

Change Management

We will work with your team and implement changes to your AWS infrastructure whenever necessary. If downtime is required, we will keep that to a minimum and make sure your services are at 100% immediately after.

Data Backup

We back up all your data so you can be confident that your system can recover at 100%, no matter the incidents.

EC2 Instances

We are using AWS native snapshot functionality to create a backups schedule for your instances Data.

Database backup

We will make sure any database has at least one backup. Additionally, we can provide multi-availability zone backups for any type of database – relational or non-relational.

Continuous Improvement

We will assist you in securely implementing the latest AWS services.

Improve Efficiency, Security, and Reliability

We will work with your team to identify opportunities to improve the reliability and efficiency of your applications.

Infrastructure Modernization

We will identify better solutions for your infrastructure. This service includes removing or resizing certain services and migrating from Iaas to Paas or servers to serverless.

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