AWS Security

We implement AWS security best practices to ensure that applications are designed and implemented to the highest standards.

Securing AWS Cloud Environments At Any Scale

Maintaining security

Maintaining the security of your AWS account is one of the most critical tasks. It is also continuous since the threats are constantly evolving, and your business may increase by adding more resources to your account.

Remediation service

We offer a variety of assessments, monitoring, and remediation services to ensure your business and AWS account is secure.

AWS Security - Best Practices Assessments

We can test your system for hundreds of best practices and compliance checks. And all of these are done in real-time.

Best Practices Checks

AWS allows us to do hundreds of security checks in real-time. It does not matter if we are talking about servers or networking – we cover all aspects of your account.

We manage credentials, Virtual Private Clouds, Security groups, and Networks ACL. We also configure AWS Cloudtrail and Cloudwatch to ensure proper access and monitoring of your system.

Tracking Users & Permissions

Most data breaches happen because of poorly configured policies. Therefore, we will analyze all the security permissions and ensure that every entity has only the required access and nothing more.

AWS Accounts

We will keep track of all AWS Accounts and Users with admin privileges . We design and implement the right security policies for the proper case. In addition, we will set up notifications for failed login attempts or logins from users without Multi-Factor Authentication.


We grant permission to any AWS resources by following the “least privilege” guideline. Whether an EC2 instance or an S3 bucket, we will check if security permissions are correctly written.

Publicly Accessible Resources

We identify and report publicly accessible resources within your AWS account. We will then fix any policy that permits public access and ensure such security standards breaches will not happen again.

Resource Tracking

We will track any changes and all resources in your AWS account daily to discover potential security threats.

Any new, deleted, or modified resources will come to our attention, and we will keep you updated if we detect any security problems.

Threat & Vulnerability

IT infrastructure threats are evolving, and the number of attacks is rising. We will ensure that your AWS resources are secure and protect against any vulnerabilities.

Threat Detection and Response

We use AWS Security Tools and other 3rd party tread Detection and response tools to protect your system.

EC2 Instances

We can install specific antivirus solutions on EC2 to offer advanced malware protection.

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