DevOps on AWS

CI/CD, Terraform, Jenkins, EC2, S3, Aurora, RDS, CloudFront, DynamoDB & more.




DevOps is a mix of practice and tools that increase the organization’s ability to deliver services at high velocity. Our team can help you implement DevOps concepts like CI/CD pipelines, microservices, and infrastructure as code, monitoring, or logging.

What can we do for you?

API-Driven cloud models

With the help of API Gateway, we can develop security solutions that work at any scale. For example, we can create a Restful or Web Socket that enables real-time two-way communication.

Performance at any scale

Using the AWS API Gateway, we could provide the lowest possible latency while ensuring your services can withstand traffic spikes.

Cost Savings

Reduce the usage cost – you pay as low as $0.90 per million requests.

Security Controls

You can authorize the calls via AWS IAM or AWS Cognito. There is also the option to implement Oauth2 or use Lambda customizer.

From Server to ServerLess

With AWS cloud, you have the means to run code, manage data and deploy applications without having to manage servers.

Serverless technologies have high availability, they scale automatically, and a pay-per-use billing model

1. Web Application

Serverless computing helps you to build and run applications without thinking about servers. We can assist you with the development, deployment, and management so you can focus on the business side.

2. Data Processing

We could help you process data at any scale, format, or environment. For example, we can assist you in processing data streams from IoT devices or web & mobile applications.

3. Batch Processing

Do you need to schedule workflows on recurring basics? Or do you need to run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs? We can help you set up the workflows while keeping the costs down.

4. Event Ingestion

Collect, transform and analyze data for industrial, consumer, commercial, and automotive workloads. Scale, move quickly, and save money.

Infrastructure as Code​

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the process of provisioning infrastructure via code instead of doing this manually. With IaC, you describe the infrastructure via code, making it easier to manage, edit and distribute.

CI/CD Pipeline on AWS

A CI/CD pipeline helps you automate your software delivery process steps, such as starting automatic builds and deploying to Amazon EC2 instances.

These automated pipelines will remove human error and provide standardized feedback to developers. As a result, you can produce faster software iterations with fewer problems.

Application Development & Deployment

The development of cloud applications implies building solutions that run on cloud infrastructure using specific services. We can help you plan, develop and deliver state-of-the-art applications while leveraging the advantages of AWS cloud infrastructure.


We can help you with technical solutions to connect, manage and collect data from millions of devices. After that, you use the collected information and Machine Learning for better business decisions.

Wordpress in the Cloud

We have a lot of experience with WordPress - from plugin & theme development to api integrations and hosting in the cloud.

Machine Learning

We could use AWS services to help you make accurate predictions, address common business problems, improve business processes, or solve real-world industry problems.

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