Migration to AWS

Experience migrating to AWS from flawed on-premise and other cloud solutions.

Benefits of Migrating To AWS

AWS can be a game changer for your business and application infrastructure. There are a lot of benefits, including cost, availability, and resiliency. 

Here we just listed a few of the most common advantages. However, there are many more.

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Pay Less for IT Infrastructure

The amount of money you can save depends on many factors, but you can significantly reduce the costs.

On average, companies can save between 30% to 50% when migrating to cloud services.

Improved Business Agility

The cloud architecture requires less staff for maintenance and frees up resources that can focus on expanding your business.

You will securely access the latest digital services so you can focus on innovation.

Improved Applications Uptime

Your business risk will be reduced by increasing application uptime.

After you complete the migration, you will most likely have a 90% downtime reduction.

What can we do for you?

Assets Management

Before moving, we will review your process and technologies to ensure they align with your business goals.

1. We start

We start by building a comprehensive plan containing the required steps for migrating your infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

Then, we will review the process, technologies, and people involved and highlight the changes needed for successful cloud migration.

2. What are your Goals

Why do you want to make this move? Are you ready to migrate? What are the benefits you are looking for?

All these questions will need to receive answered before making the actual move.

3. Analyze Workloads

Some workloads may need to be a better fit for an immediate move while others will be migrated without a problem.

We will analyze all aspects and make the right decisions.

4. Application Dependencies

We are mapping the application's dependencies to ensure your services will be available during the migration.

Design & Build

We will implement an AWS infrastructure by following the best practice guidelines while freeing up your IT team's time. We will consider all aspects of your project and focus on performance, uptime, cost, and security.

Design a Reference Cloud Architecture

Our AWS Certified Architects will design, validate and test a reference architecture that will suit your application environment.

Security and Compliance

Our AWS Certified Security specialist will review the proposed architecture and ensure it follows the AWS security guidelines. The review will also include configuring AWS security tools like Identity and Access Management, Cloutrail, CLoudwatch, or Guard Duty.

We will also implement various security alarms to ensure your system is protected.

3rd Party Tools

We will integrate and configure any 3rd Party application you may need. This part may include different solutions for cost optimization, infrastructure security, network management, and so on.


Once your AWS infrastructure is ready and tested, we will execute the migration plan with minimal downtime for your services.

AWS Migration

We will use AWS Migration services to clone your on-premise infrastructure into the new AWS engagement. We will also use specific database migration tools to ensure everything gets replicated correctly.

Test & Tweak

Once the migration is complete, we will test and work with your team to ensure all applications work as expected. We will monitor and tweak all the systems until we are 100% sure everything is in order.

Let's start with a Conversation

We could show you our technical skills, qualifications, or AWS professional certifications.

But when you talk to us, you’ll understand how much we know, how we can help you, why we’re certified, and why we work in AWS.

So, just set a meeting with us. Fill out the contact form, provide us with some details, and we will take care of the rest.